51 Years Ago: Johnny & June Get Married

There is no more iconic couple than Johnny and June. Today would have been their 51st wedding anniversary. While they may not have had the easiest start, their love story is legendary.

It’s no secret they went through hard times, but they got through it and built a beautiful life. June found stardom first. There are reports that Johnny daydreamed about marrying June when he was just a child.



Ultimately, they were a team from day 1. Before they found love, they wrote music and toured together. June, along with Merle Kilgore, wrote ‘Ring Of Fire’, which become one of Johnny’s most popular songs.

Both Johnny and June were married previously. Both marriages fell apart due to the struggles that come along with stardom. Johnny had four daughters with his former wife Vivian, and June had two daughters as well.

“Even as a kid, I saw the rightness of Dad and June. I just saw that that was a destined relationship. That they were right for each other, that they made sense. They were building an empire together. It just made sense to me,” Rosanne Cash said about her father’s relationship with June in the documentary, I Am Johnny Cash.



June died on May 15th, 2003 and just a few months later, Johnny followed her on September 12.

More than 15 years after their deaths, they are still influencing today’s country music. Just last year, many of today’s artists teamed up to put some of Johnny’s love letters to June to music. Brad Paisley, Willie Nelson, Kacey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly are just a few who lent their voices for the project.