Brad Paisley Asked Fans For Help For New Music Video – And They Did Not Disappoint

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Brad Paisley is known as one of Country’s funniest stars. Whether it’s with his classic tour pranks or his comedic tunes, he’s bound to make you laugh. This time, he’s asked fans to send in videos of them breaking up with their significant other for his new music video. As we expected, the results did not disappoint.

Many fans sent in videos of serious talks with their partners and it became clear that the only thing harder than dumping someone is dumping someone while being filmed. He also added clips of bulls as well as Paisley performing live at classic Nashville spots like Tootsies Orchid Lounge.



Paisley had assistance from Chris DuBois and Kelly Lovelace while writing ‘Bucked Off’. Stay tuned to Thunder106 for all of the hottest new country music!