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Cutting Edge Country: ‘Craig’ by Walker Hayes


Since Walker Hayes found his way back to Music Row, he’s been very open about the struggles he’s faced since he released his 2011 EP, Reason To Rhyme. He lost a record deal and was then working at Costo and trying to support a family of 7 and battling alcoholism.

If you’ve listened to his new album, boom. or either of his 2016 releases, you know all about it. His song ‘Craig’ took a bit of a brighter turn while still dealing with those personal issues.  It paints a picture of not be able to ask for or accept help in a dark hour.

Luckily for Hayes, a man named Craig came along to lend a hand whether he liked it or not. Hayes and his wife were down to one car with fewer seatbelts than children. Craig and his wife showed up to Hayes’ son’s baseball game with a minivan for Hayes. According to the song, Craig said “all you gotta do is sign and it’s your’s.”

“I was so ashamed. That somebody pitied me like that. It was embarrassing, humbling, and a mixture of emotions. But I accepted the car, and I began to accept that I needed help,” he said, according to CMT. “And that that was alright. It was like a burden was lifted off my shoulders. And I was relieved my kids would be safe.”

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