Cutting Edge Country: ‘Drowns The Whiskey’ by Jason Aldean featuring Miranda lambert


Before Jason Aldean released his latest album, word slipped that Miranda Lambert would be lending her voice on one of his new songs. While we didn’t know what thier plan was, there was no way the two of them could disappoint. Aldean recently announced that ‘Drowns The Whiskey’ is his second single off of the new album, Rearview Town, which is available everywhere now.

“We’ve come up in the business together, toured together a lot early on in my career, and we’ve always been friends, so I wanted to do something with her on this record,” Aldean told Rolling Stone Country. 

Aldean was excited to work with Lambert once again because he feels as though they grew up together in the music business. They’ve toured together earlier in their career and have made it to several mile stones around the same time.

Lambert wasn’t completely on board when she heard the original song he wanted them to sing together. “When I sent her that one, she kind of flipped out. She was on board then. And then she came in to sing it and nailed it,” he told Taste Of Country.

He also admits that he would be doing what she is, if he was a female in country music. “She’s a rocker, but can also be like really country. Really well-rounded,” he said.

The two country stars haven’t teamed up since thier 2007 collaboration, ‘Grown Woman’, which was released on Aldean’s album, Relentless. Stay tuned to Thunder106 for all of the hottest Cutting Edge Country!