Hear It Here: ‘Die From A Broken Heart’ by Maddie & Tae


In Maddie & Tae turn to their mamas for advice in their new single ‘Die From A Broken Heart’. This is the second single they’ve released off of their upcoming concept album. The new album will tell the story of a relationship from the very beginning to after it’s over and even through the process of moving on.

The duo has grown up quite a bit since they took over the country scene with ‘Girl In A Country Song’ in 2015. The new singles have had a more sophisticated take on love and lose. “We wanted to grow gracefully with our fans,” Tae told Rolling Stone.

While concept albums aren’t very common, it’s one of the most in depth ways to tell a story. With streaming services now, many people don’t often listen to albums beginning to end, like the artists made them to be heard.

Maddie & Tae will be supporting Carrie Underwood on her 2019 Cry Pretty Tour alongside Runaway June. Stay tuned to Thunder1o6 for all of Jersey’s best new country!