Kalie Shorr Says Goodbye To Sister With A Cover Of Fleetwood Mac


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Up and coming country starlet, Kalie Shorr, took to social media to announce that her sister passed away due to a heroin overdose. The singer shared that her sister, Ashley Rhiannon Coffman, was named after the famous Fleetwood Mac song, ‘Rhiannon’ and post a video of her covering the song.

Coffman battled with addiction for a decade. She passed away at the age of 37 and has left behind two children, ages four and nine. “I don’t even know what to say and I really never thought I would end up here,” Shorr shared along with the video.

“Ashley made friends faster than anyone I’ve ever met and could find something in common with you in five seconds flat. It’s so hard when you love someone and they are battling addiction because they lose so much of themselves in the process, but I am so thankful for the last conversation I had with her… I really got to tell her how much I loved her and the last words she ever said to me were “I am so proud of you”. I’ll never forget that and that’s how I will always remember her,” she continued.

She finished the emotional post by begging others with the battle to get help and by sharing the national drug helpline at, which is

Kalie Shorr’s Awake EP is available now.