The Pistol Annies Are Back!

The Pistol Annies are back with new music! After a five year hiatus, the girl band has returned with three new songs and announced a new album that’s due out on November 2nd.

The Pistol Annies are made up of Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe, and Angaleena Presley. They each have a successful solo career, but when they’re in the Pistol Annie mode, they all have alter egos. Lambert is the Lone Star Annie, while Monroe is the Hippie Annie and Presley is  the Holler Annie.

One of the new songs, ‘Got My Name Changed Back’, tells the story about a women who “didn’t want to be a missus on paper no more.” Immediately after it was released, the rumors started to fly. Both Presley and Lambert went through divorces since their last album, but the big question is directed towards Lambert. Is the song about her ex-husband, Blake Shelton? Decide for yourself:



Lambert just played multiple shows at the Country Music Hall Of Fame as their Artist In Residency. For the last one, she invited the other Annies and they played a full set, including new songs. “We’re just three girlfriends that live a lot of lives. We’ve got ex-husbands and husbands and babies and family things and all the things you deal with in life and … we sit around and write about our lives. Our records are slumber parties on wheels,” Lambert told the crowd.

“We’ve written some of my favorite songs I’ve ever written in my life. We went to Miranda’s farm last week and really hunkered down and got some good stuff,” Monroe told The Boot in April.



In addition to the album, the Pistol Annies also announced three shows; one in New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville. “These shows are the Annies’ way of inviting their fans into their living room to hang, talk, laugh and commiserate about real life while singing their own kind of country music,” they explained through a press release.

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