Relive the 90’s With New Music From Walker Hayes

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Walker Hayes is bringing fans down memory lane with his new song ’90’s Country’. In the song he refers to more than 20 country songs from the 1990’s. It’s hard to miss them, too. You will immediately catch references to Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Shania Twain, David Lee Murphy, George Straight, Joe Diffie, Trisha Yearwood, among several others.

Hayes, while he is clearly inspired by old school country, always adds his own style and flair to his music. He brings a touch of pop into his music while keeping it country and even the biggest country fans respect and rock out to it. More than anything, his music is honest.

2018 wasn’t exactly kind to the Hayes family. Hayes and his wife lost their daughter during child birth and he came very close to losing his wife as well. After an artist goes through something like that, you can typically expect it to reflect in the music. “To tell you quite honestly, this business seemed so stupid to me. I woke up and just wondered why in the hell we do any of this,” Hayes told Taste Of Country.

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