See Devin Dawson’s Darker Side In ‘Dark Horse’ Video


In the song, ‘Dark Horse’, Devin Dawson states that his “heart bleeds for country music” and with every line you believe him a little more. He is the kind of modern artist that Johnny Cash probably would have been proud of. While the song has the power to hit you hard, the noir-style music video will stay with you. “I wrote that song in a weird, selfish way. I wrote it for myself, about myself. I wanted for people to get to know me,” he told Taste of Country.

What he didn’t expect was that to many fans it was like he could have been writing about them. “It’s become this really relatable song for other people who go, ‘That’s me. That’s who I am.’ It’s really cool to see something that started out so selfish to become this movement and this relatable thing that people have latched onto,” he continued.

This is the title track from his debut album released last year. The album showed fans different sides of Dawson in each song. We saw the romantic in ‘I Don’t Care Who Sees’, the sweeter side in ‘All On Me’, the fun side in ‘Dip’ and the dark, tougher side in ‘Dark Horse’, to just name a few.

Devin Dawson is currently touring in Australia, New Zealand and Japan before returning to the United States. Stay tuned to Thunder106 for all of the hottest country music!