Thunder 106 Cash Call and Artist of the Day Contest

General Contest Parameters:

  • Contest Period – April 18, 2022 through May 27, 2022
  • Contest Hours – 8am, 12pm, 3pm, and 5pm
  • Prizes - $100 Call-in cash

“Thunder 106 – Cash Call & Artist of the Day Bonus” (the “Contest”):

Commencing Monday April 18, 2022 and continuing thru Friday May 27, 2022 (the “Contest Period”), Thunder 106 will be hosting the “Thunder 106 Cash Call & Artist of the Day Bonus” contest (the “Contest”). Listeners can register and enter the Contest via the APP or enter online at (“Entrants”). The ARTIST OF THE DAY will be available weekly on either or a sponsors website. Additionally, Thunder 106 will randomly select a number of Entrants who register to enter the Thunder 106 Cash Call & Artist of The Day Bonus to possibly receive an Amazon Echo Dot, to be awarded throughout the Contest Period.

How to Play - Over the Contest Period and during each of the Contest Hours, Thunder 106 will select an Entrant and announce their name on air. That Entrant will then have 10 minutes to call-in to Thunder 106 at (732) 776-5555 to win $100. If they call-in within the 10-minute timeframe, they win the Cash Call $100 prize. If that Entrant can also identify the Thunder 106 Artist of the Day they will win another $100. Over the balance of each day during the Contest Hours, other Entrants names will be called. If during each Contest Hour an Entrant fails to call-in within the 10-minute timeframe, the $100 Cash Call and $100 Artist of the Day Prize will accumulate to the successive Contest Hour(s) of that day where there was no prior winner. Potentially a maximum of $800 per day (i.e. $100 Cash Call + $100 Artist of the Day Bonus prize multiplied by the four (4) Contest Hours). By way of example, assume during the 8am and 12pm Contest Hours no Entrants called in to win and then during the 3pm Contest Hour Entrant A properly called in within the 10-minute timeframe and also properly identified the Artist of the Day, then Entrant A would earn $600, and the Contest starts again. Further, assume then that immediately thereafter no one calls in at 5pm and again no one calls in the next day at 8am, 12pm, but then Entrant B calls in at 3pm the following day within the 10-minute timeframe and also properly identifies the Artist of the Day, then Entrant B wins $800, and the Contest starts again. The Contest can carry forward from day to day thereby expanding the overall grand prize winnings.

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