Hot Country Knights Release Debut Album

Photo Credit: Natasha Kulick

When you think 1980’s mullet rock, Dierks Bentley doesn’t typically pop in your head. Well, that’s about to change. Hot Country Knights have finally released their debut album, The K Is Silent. Throughout this clever album, it’s clear that Dierks Bentley and the boys had some fun while writing. You’ll also notice that their dad-joke game is strong!

You might notice some other familiar voices on this new album. Travis Tritt is featured on ‘Pick Her Up’. In the music video, you may also recognized the lead actress, Tiffani Thiessen, who played Kelly Kapowski in Saved By The Bell. Terri Clark is also featured on the song ‘Make It Hard’.

Bentley’s Hot Country Knights alter ego is Douglas Douglason, who just goes by Doug. He’s joined by Barry Van Ricky, Marty Ray ‘Rayro’ Roburn, Trevor Travis, Monte Montgomery, and Terotej Dvoraczekynski, who just goes by Terry.

We got to see Hot Country Knights at ThunderFest2019, and it’s only a matter of time before the come back to town to teach ThunderNation just how to do their signature dance, the Moose Knuckle Shuffle.

Their One Knight Stand Tour has been postponed, but Doug has assured fans that they will pick up where they left off soon. “If history has proven anything it’s that nothing not even a worldwide pandemic – can keep The Knights down for long. We’ll be baaaaaaack!”

HCK’s merch will also give flashbacks from the 1980’s. You can now purchase scrunchies, fanny packs and more on their websiteThe K Is Silent is available now. Stay tuned to Thunder106 and download the app to stay up to date on all of your favorite country musicians!