Kacey Musgraves Releases an Earth Day Edition of ‘Oh, What A World’

Country music’s free-spirited Earth mother,  Kacey Musgraves has released an Earth Day Edition of her song ‘Oh, What A World’. In addition to brightening your day with a special release, she is also raising money for World Wildlife Fund for Nature, which is more commonly known as WWF. Fans can donate right on the YouTube page.

“There is a lot to feel downhearted about on this Earth Day. Everyone and everything feels out of balance. People are suffering and the future is uncertain,” Musgraves shared on Instagram when announcing the fundraiser.

It’s no surprise to fans that Kacey is raising money for WFF, she has always made it clear that she is one with nature. “In the face of a pandemic that has brought cities to their knees, a song can feel small. A melody can seem insignificant. This is a global moment of acknowledgment and respect for the power of nature and for so many of us – extreme challenges and sadness. But in the midst of all the loss and uncertainty there are signs everywhere of human compassion and renewal,” she continued in her lengthy Instagram post.

She also took the time to thank today’s heroes. “Right now, there are so many brave people that deserve Medals of Honor: the nurses, doctors, grocers, the delivery and truck drivers, cashiers, gas station attendants, the scientists, restaurant workers, the single parents, and SO many others. I’m just a songwriter but my hope is that if I bring the light I have in my spirit to the table, maybe it could be a form of energy that lifts someone else’s spirit for a moment,” Kacey added.

Originally, ‘Oh, What A World’ was on released on her 2018 album, Golden Hour. ThunderNation, don’t forget to stay up to date on everything that’s going on with your favorite country stars by tuning into Thunder106! You can also stream Thunder106 24/7 with our app!