Kip Moore’s 4th Studio Album Is Here, Check Out ‘Wild World’ Now

Kip Moore’s last few releases were often described as his “most honest work to date”, and the same could be said about his new album, Wild World. Once again, he has hit a new level of honesty and openness in his music.

Beginning to end, you can hear new influences in his vocals while he reflects on missed opportunities, past love, his current state of mind as well as a hopeful future.

He first released ‘She’s Mine’, a fun tune about wondering where he’ll find love. “Life, it’s a crazy ride, isn’t it? I’m loving every minute, but it’d be better with her in it,” he says in the song. Months before the album was released, he released a the music video.

‘Southpaw’ is another song he released before the album and it is sure to be another favorite among fans. It’s one of those songs that you just can’t wait to hear live. Luckily, Kip released am acoustic video of him performing it for his series, In The Wild.

In the past, Moore has says that he sometimes writes from an idealistic point of view, but you don’t hear that much on this album. Each song sounds like its coming from a place of honesty. The title track, ‘Wild World’ he shares advice that his mother had given him.

Fans get another glimpse into Moore’s private life in ‘Payin’ Hard’. In many of his songs in the past, he painted a picture of living a rock’n’roll life on the road. Now, he’s showing us the other side of it; what he was forced to miss while being on the road and things he had to give up for his career. “My life’s a credit card. Play now, pay later and I’m paying hard,” he says in the song, which also has him on looking back on the death of his father.

This album also features tracks with a lighter subject and more upbeat tone. ‘Hey Old Lover’ is one that is sure to get you moving!

“Hope you love this record as much as I loved making it for you guys,” Moore said on Facebook. You can catch the newest from Kip Moore by streaming Thunder106 from our app!