Carly Pearce Has Filed for Divorce From Michael Ray

After just 8 months of marriage, Carly Pearce has filed for divorce from Michael Ray. The couple got married in October of 2019.

According to People Magazine, an anonymous source close to Pearce, divorce was their “last resort” and was not caused by close quarters during quarantine.

In fact, has Pearce spent a good amount of the past few months with her mom in Alabama, who is high-risk for COVID-19. There are reports that Ray joined her when he wasn’t working on his new album in Nashville.

In the past, both of them have been very vocal about making the relationship work. When Ray was young, he watched his parents go through a divorce and he told People that he would only get married once and that Pearce was stuck with him.

While Ray might have a rough time with his parents divorce, he admitted to having great examples of long last marriages. His grandparents were together for more that 50 years.

“To have that foundation of commitment…I think that’s the biggest thing that we’re all looking for. I think love is what everybody wants, and that’s what people search for. It’s trying to find that partner that you can fly with and ride with,” Ray also told People.

There are been no reports, but there is bound to be speculation over whether or not their current relationship status inspired Pearce’s most recent #1 single, ‘I Hope You’re Happy Now’, featuring Lee Brice or Ray’s ‘Her World Or Mine’.

While Ray did congratulate Pearce on the success of her single, fans started to wonder if there was trouble in paradise because their social media post about each other seemed to come to a halt.

Their most recent appearance together was at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry. They performed to an empty audience while the video was posted to the Opry’s Youtube page. Pearce was seated on the end next to Lee Brice, then Steve Wariner, finally on the opposite side of his soon-to-be ex-wife, was Ray.

The couple both grew up knowing that they wanted to go into the music industry and spend time on the road touring. Early on in their relationship, they both spoke public about the fact that they thought their similarities would make the hardships of being in a relationship with a touring musician easier.

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