Runaway June Says Goodbye To A Member, Welcomes New Bandmate

Runaway June’s Hannah Mulholland took to Instagram to tell fans that she has decided to part ways with Runaway June. While she did not offer a reason behind the split, she did make it clear it wasn’t an easy choice and made it clear that she had nothing but love for the band and the team behind them.

While this would throw most bands off track, the other girls in Runaway June had another big announcement. Country music’s beloved Natalie Stovall has joined the band!

Stovall is a well known artist in Nashville, mostly for being on Team Blake on The Voice her music with her band Natalie Stovall & The Drive.

Runaway June will remain a trio and seem to be in high spirits and hopeful for the future despite the changes and current events.

Another member of Runaway June was diagnosed and since recovered from COVID-19. After she recovered, Jen Wayne shared the news on social media.

Jen also shared what she was grateful for despite the situation. “My body, which I have so harshly judged in the past, fought it odd and kept me healthy.”

It is unclear how bad her experience was with battling the virus.

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